About The GE Store

About the Global Elective Ethical Travel Shop

Global Elective supports makers, entrepreneurs, and textile traditions around the world. We invite people to consider “Who is the maker behind the item?” and encourage slow fashion, hand woven, hand embroidered and ethically made goods. As part of our work, we excitedly invite you to look around our “Global Elective Ethical Travel Shop”. The shop is an outcome of a collaboration with artisans from around the world and ensure all our travel accessories are made in small batches and that artisans we work with get a strong wage. Our shop also serves as a unique window through which we can look into and learn more about traditional skills and crafts and enjoy cultural techniques from around the world. Through our unique travel accessories, we hope to provide functional and inspiring travel style, support artisans and their traditions, and create a community of travellers ready to take the leap into the world.

*Please note we are currently not taking orders in 2021.


The Global Elective Ethical Travel Shop practices the
following fair trade principles:


About Kakaw Designs and Mari Gray

Some of our beautiful ethically made products are an outcome of an amazing cooperation with Kakaw designs, a woman owned and led business in Guatemala creating inspirational travel designs. Led by Mari Gray, a textile expert and designer, Kakaw Designs works with artisans all over Guatemala to ensure textiles are ethically made, that artisans get a living wage, and textile traditions are preserved.