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Global Elective is a learning travel platform that
is all about ethical travel.

It inspires people to get out in the world, gain context, and explore. We provide access to ethical travel advice, and tools  to travel overseas doing good for yourself while being responsible towards the world.  Global Elective is inviting people to have honest conversations about the complexity of travel, and our role as worldwide travellers. Our ethical travel platform is an all in one home for learning ethical travel and practicing it before you’ve even left for your first trip worldwide. We provide access to travel opportunities, hold discussions about traveling the world responsibly and sustainably, and support artisan communities through ethical trade. We believe that getting more people to travel, listen, and understand each other, rather then just consume or influence a place, will add new voices in the travelsphere and get more travellers to launch. We invite you to join us as we travel, discover, discuss and grow.

Our Story

As a first generation, young woman living in a small town, and it was extremely difficult for Natalie Jesionka to find resources, access, and opportunities to travel. There were no college coaches or study abroad advisors, and no expectation that travel was part of the package that could help you get into college. Coming from a Polish immigrant family, Natalie grew up with two cultures, and her parents always encouraged her to explore—but the issue was how to access those opportunities.  It wasn’t until she got my big break—a scholarship to go to Korea, which allowed her a lifetime of travel and experiences that built her career today.

Global Elective is a way to pay it forward and help others get out in the field and make their mark on the world–help folks who aren’t always considered “traditional travellers” find the courage and resources to launch. So in order to achieve all this, we’ve gathered a group of open-minded human beings, our “contributors”, that will be providing you each week their true stories, creations, and honest experiences abroad.

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Our Founder

Natalie Jesionka

Natalie Jesionka

Natalie is an agent of change, committed to helping students navigate complex global issues, and cultivating the next generation of leaders and world travellers.