We are the go to site for “getting out there” and thinking about your impact on the ground. We especially focus on helping non traditional travellers get out into the world. We want to see travel become more diverse, inclusive, and accessible to first time travellers. Our platform will give you the tools, lessons, and resources you need to plan your first trip, launch into the world, and make sense of what is happening on the ground. Through a fresh lens, we help ensure ethical, sustainable and respectful travel for your next adventure. You will be part of a unique community who engages with the complexity of travel, and inspires conversations about what it’s’ really like on the ground.

We recognize that travel is seen as a privilege— and that everyone has a story about why they travel whether it is for leisure or necessity.  We believe that everyone should have access to travel, to share the voice, and taper out their experiences. You don’t have to know all the answers, and we want every level and type of  traveller to feel empowered to commit to their travel goals.

We create community through our conversations and columns, our awesome travel accessories, and our webinars and social media. We understand that we are all in this world together, and that by giving a space for voices from all walks of life to participate, we are setting the stage for an online community we hope materializes and takes shape offline as well.

That’s exactly one of the reasons Global Elective was created, to help people consider how they might take the time to travel despite daily life and obligations getting in the way. On the one hand we are told that to be enriched, get ahead, and build resumes travel should be a part of it— on the other hand, there is little guidance on how to get out there without a formalized program. Beyond study abroad, we can help you connect with the organizations, opportunities and resources that will be a fit for your needs. We know you have a lot going on— we’ll help you find the balance to plan and explore options, while helping you better understand what to expect on the ground.

Lets be honest— travel isn’t perfect, and a lot of things can happen on the ground. We are into unpacking the complicated and messy of travel. Whereas other travel sites tell you what to see and do, we examine context, ethics, and dynamics of moving across borders. We talk about identity and the way we interact with the world. Most importantly, we have the conversations that other travel sites don’t have.

We are always looking for columnists who can write features or a series for us! If you are interested in writing a feature contact info@globalelective.com with your pitch.If you are interested in launching a column you can fill out this form (link) (Please note, columnists are expected to write for at least 6 months).

Yes! We love visiting high schools and universities. We focus on topics of ethical travel, service learning, social good with an impact, and getting out in the world, and turning travel into your career.  You are also welcome to check out our online webinars, or have a custom course made for your school or group.  For more information about Global Elective Workshops and Lectures email natalie@globalelective.com