GE School for Ethical Travel

Choosing to commit to ethical travel for an upcoming adventure is an incredible first step. There is a lot to consider and learn about travelling ethically. The thought of tackling this alone may seem daunting or confusing. This is exactly why we’ve launched our “GE School for Ethical Travel”, offering a selection of online seminars, individuals and groups can begin to realize how they themselves can travel ethically, and all the different aspects this entails.

Our seminars offer one of a kind learning opportunities for travellers to get  out in the field, reflect on the big questions, and gain access and insider knowledge on new and exciting opportunities. We focus on the “how to” and the “what should I consider” when you are out there. We also inform and give access to opportunities and resources for new and non traditional travellers to get well versed in travel and funding opportunities so you can be ahead of the game.

We are excited to launch the following series soon:

First Time Travellers, What You Need to Know

Amazing Ethical Travel Resources and Organizations You need to Know Now

How to Apply for Competitive Travel Fellowships and Funding

How to Set Up Your Fieldwork Trip for the First Time

Cut out the Middleman, How to Avoid “Pay to Play” Voluntourism

How do I understand my Impact in the Field

How to Bounce Back from Mistakes in The Field

How to Turn Your Travel Adventures Into a Career

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