Handwoven Naturally Dyed Travel Scarf

Handwoven Naturally Dyed Travel Scarf


Weather is always an unpredictable factor when traveling abroad so you should always prepare for surprising changes! Towing around a light and beautiful scarf is always recommended. What’s more, a scarf is also perfect for covering up in a place of worship or other travel spots when it is culturally appropriate to do so. This is exactly why our  limited edition scarf is the ultimate life-saver for so many travel moments. In collaboration with Kakaw designs, these scarves are made especially for Global Elective. Each scarf is handwoven, and naturally dyed by master weavers in Guatemala.  Great for any expedition, these scarves soften with wear over time. Each scarf arrives in a beautiful upcycled textile bag. We only make six scarves in one color per season

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To learn more about the process check out kakawdesigns.com

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Autumn Stripe (Red and Orange), Teal Stripe (Teal and Pink), Solid Teal, Lilac, Pumpkin Orange, Neon Pink


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